The Essence of Emirati Pride


Qafiya - GCC’s 1st ever Community-driven co-creation initiative by Ajmal Perfumes.

Qafiya is ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’. It is a 100% collaboration between young, talented and entrepreneurial Khaleejis.

Every culture has its own unique rhythm - whether it’s the nostalgic beat of its ancient lore, the melodic incantations of its poetry or the hypnotic passion of its music. ‘Qafiya’ is that rhythm - reminiscent of traditional poetry and a representation of poetic composition, where a pattern of rhythms come together to culminate in each line signifying sheer beauty and harmony.

The main approach of communication was based on the concept of Storytelling, using Khaleejis themselves as the spokespersons of Qafiya. The entire communication was conveyed through their most preferred medium, Social Media. The story illustrated the Pride of being a Khaleeji and the Spirit of Community Collaboration.