When you're Bespoke, you imbibe three facets that make you impeccably different. Class. Elegance. Style. And when it comes to 'Ajmal Bespoke', this Class, Elegance and Style are ingrained in every aspect of our offerings. 'Ajmal Bespoke' is a business vertical of Ajmal Perfumes that specializes in Corporate Sales. It aims at offering to you something that will reflect your personal statement.

So why do you need to be Bespoke? In the world of modern business, it is imperative that one stands apart and higher than the crowd. One must be distinct, different and disruptive. But what's most important is that one must be exclusive. With 'Ajmal Bespoke' you get indelible personalized gifting solutions that offer this unparalleled 'corporate exclusivity'. They are just the thing to celebrate any occasion. And they make for an unforgettable gift for your business relationships – partners, associates, stakeholders and internal staff. 

Ajmal Bespoke – Private Labels 

Interested in starting your own Private Label in perfumery-based products? Want to launch a new line of perfume business for yourself? Look no further than 'Ajmal Bespoke' Private Labels. 

We offer a complete, tailor-made solution for clients who desire to have their own Private Labels. This end-to-end customized solution includes developing the fragrance to designing and manufacturing, to the primary and secondary packaging along with warehousing and logistics support. For Private Labels, we create fragrances ranging from Western and Oriental Fragrances, right up to fragrance-based Body Care Products like Body Lotions, Body Butters, Shower Gels and much more.

Ajmal Bespoke – Gifting Solutions

There are gifts. And then there are gifts that make an impression. 'Ajmal Bespoke' Gifting Solutions help make an impression that can last forever. We offer Corporate Clients who are looking for the best Perfumery Gifting products for their external clients and internal employees – all this with their signature corporate branding.

Through our Gifting Solutions we can create bespoke perfumery products that are new and exclusive. Or even customize existing Ajmal perfumery products to fit your corporate needs.

Ajmal Bespoke – Special Occasions 

Through life, there are moments so important that you want to make them memorable. Which is why, 'Ajmal Bespoke' offers customized gifting solutions for any Special Occasions. This could be a marriage or wedding ceremony that needs a special touch. Or a corporate event in which you need gifting that speaks volumes about you. 

That's not all. We can help create even a single bespoke creation that is truly peerless. Or a large quantity of creations that are tailor-made to your needs and budget. Our Special Occasions gifting solutions are catered for days such as Mother's Day and National Day or catering exclusively to Tourists or even Customized Corporate Boxes. Indeed, we have just the Gift Boxes for you for any occasion.

Ajmal Bespoke – Ambient Fragrances 

If you desire a beautifully fragrant ambience at your office, corporate headquarters, real estate projects, hospitality projects or any place – then welcome 'Ajmal Bespoke' Ambient Fragrances into your fold. With this, we offer Signature Ambient Fragrances that are exclusively crafted for you. The 'Ajmal Bespoke' team also offers to arrange for Suppliers who will put up the perfume dispensing units at your various premises – which help release the ambient fragrance exactly as per your requirements.