Manufacturing Facility

As Perfume Manufacturers, Ajmal Perfumes is one of the largest manufacturers of fragrances in the Middle East and around the globe. 

In 2004, Ajmal Perfumes set up our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Dubai in order to keep up with the region's increasing fragrance demands. Strategically located in Dubai industrial area and built at a total cost of US$10 million, the 150,000-square foot facility houses manufacturing units, a fully automated packaging division and an extensive Research and Development (R&D) Wing.

Ajmal's factory serves as our fragrance's house main source for a complete product range - including Oriental and Western fragrances as well as Bath & Body products. One of the best of its kind in the region, the plant explores new techniques to produce quality raw materials and fragrances to meet changing customer preferences and current international trends.

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The comprehensive facility, equipped with the latest European technology for key processes such as blending, filling and packaging has the capacity to produce approximately 100,000 bottles of fragrances every day. A manufacturing facility so solid, it meets the demands of the company entire network of retail and distribution outlets across the world.

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Research & Development Facility

At Ajmal, we believe that to create state-of-the-heart fragrances, we should have Research & Development that is state-of-the-art. 

Which is why, we have a comprehensive R&D Wing at our 150,000 sq. ft. factory. This has the latest equipment and highly trained personnel that trial and test all the ingredients that go into making our perfumes. 

In fact, thanks to the quality of our R&D Wing, Ajmal is one of the first perfume companies in the GCC to work closely with local and regional bodies such as ESMA towards creating a viable and effective quality standards mechanism in the GCC region.

The R&D Wing is also on the forefront of patented techniques. In 1997, we launched Oudh Mubakhar, a product created with our patented technique of putting the fragrance into the Oudh which now serves as the industry standard. 4 years of intensive research helped make this product one of the best sellers of Ajmal amongst many others.

Oudh, which is one of the most rare and precious ingredients, also gets a pride of place with our R&D Wing working on a process to reduce the inoculation time of the Oudh in an Agarwood tree from the usual 25-30 years to 10 years. This innovation is now patented in the 6 countries that are the primary source of Oudh and has helped address the issue of Oudh being in the endangered list of species due to its overuse in the field of perfumery. 

In fact, our Head of R&D was assigned to conduct work as a Technical Advisor related to perfumery by The Federal Court of Fujairah, UAE as well as by The Drug Crime Office of the United Nations to conduct surveys on Agarwood.

Attention to R&D efforts at Ajmal also comes with a keen eye on environmental conservation. Since 1979, we have been one of the first companies in Asia to conserve natural resources using a comprehensive afforestation program in the hills of Northern India. Till date, more than 10 Million Agarwood trees have been planted by us to ensure a consistent supply of Oudh - both in terms of quality and quantity.